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Automate your client onboarding today...

Client onboarding made easy.

Whether you experience complex client onboarding procedures, remediation challenges or digital transformation processes, CONNECT offers a customized software solution that fits your organization and structure.

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CONNECT builds and licenses onboarding solutions.

CONNECT N.V. is a software company that develops custom software solutions for financial service providers, real estate developers, and companies with strict and extensive compliance requirements to onboard clients.

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CONNECT software modules are

GDPR compliant & utilize state of the art technology to boost compliance throughout the entire value chain

Areas of expertise

Key Benefits


Automate your processes!

Increasing internal standardization processes, systems & portfolio management. Streamline client  compliance directly from your own web domain.


Increase your digital exposure

Expand your sales channels by offering online applications that will lead to turn-key sales quotes.


Cut your costs significantly

CONNECT enables you to reduce overhead costs (intermediary, IT and workforce workload).


Include relevant external actors in your value chain

Do you have multiple companies contributing in a value chain? CONNECT easily segments and integrates these parties to maximize process efficiency. 

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Due to the set-up and flexible structure of the CONNECT software architecture, a streamlined onboarding is guaranteed, ensuring a reduction in human capital required, avoidance of unnecessary errors or incomplete files.

Real-time KPI's and performance measurement

Monitoring your company performance by KPI's and measuring your employees by process milestones is embedded. 


Reduce onboarding time

The CONNECT algorithm will makes sure that activities required by you and the Client significantly drops throughout the onboarding process.

Modular architecture & Integration

 The CONNECT architecture is highly adaptable, allowing for easy integration of company systems through CONNECT's API.

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CONNECT brings parties together in a confidential, protected and safe environment that meets the highest standards of integrity & security.

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